quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015

Meet Ghost!

I said that I was going create a "phantom" PHUA for the new learning platform, and so I did! Say hello to Ghost!

Ghost is a replica of PHUA with no dynamic properties, wich means that he/she/it, whatever you wanna it to be, is immune to gravity and collisions, but it can be measured, detect collisions without affecting the dynamics of the others bodies and other properties. Since it can't move through the reaction on the floor I had to implement new IK chains that allowed this new body to move around its waist similar to the its predecessor. Also you can notice that he his a little green and not opaque, I chose this setting so that it can merge with the "real" PHUA without to many effort and also i'm planning on once I learn enough of V-Rep scrip I could change the colour between green/yellow/red as to with the user performance. Once I figure out how to make him move independently, I think that Ghost will prove to be a good guidance tool.

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