terça-feira, 17 de março de 2015

Some experiments

To develop the basic maneuvers that the "phantom" PHUA will perform, I went and ask to some of my colleges to try and repeat the same maneuvers that i want develop on the "real" PHUA, this way I could get the range of comfort that first time users have before those maneuvers. So after of alot of PHUA on the floor I was able to get some data of the range of the motions to be develop. I will post here the data that I got from the experiment.

My data : frontal -> +0.040 / -0.040 || sagittal -> +0.025 / -0.025
Subject A: frontal -> +0.043 / -0.035 || sagittal -> +0.035 /- 0.020
Subject B: frontal -> +0.045 / -0.040 || sagittal -> +0.038 /- 0.022
Subject C: frontal -> +0.042 / -0.038 || sagittal -> +0.036 /- 0.035
Subject D: frontal -> +0.052 / -0.039 || sagittal -> +0.040 /- 0.040

As you can see there is a small difference between the left and right side in the frontal experiment, and the sagittal experiment. On the sagittal experiment it has to do on how quick the user was the inercia plus how bend were the knee can help the user on that stage, now on the frontal experiment it was supposed to be a mirror like dataset, I was wondering alot about this until a college of mine ask me to try those same experiments and what I got was the following:

Subject E: frontal -> +0.028 / -0.042 || sagittal -> +0.028 /- 0.024

The values were the opposite of what I was expecting it was then that i realize that my college was left handed unlike the others before

Can this affect affect the control to that degree?? Is it needed to had new inputs that distinguish right-handed user from left-handed ones? This are the questions that I pose after those trials, maybe with future experiments we will get the answers needed.

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